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100th Update! 
02:01pm 25/08/2008
  I figured, if anyone's still interested...

AC's 100th update is being posted tomorrow, and includes a new loot tier (higher-level weapons and level 8 spells), as well as a new high-level island and actual factions (as opposed to the crappy factions introduced in Throne of Destiny).

Yes, AC is still alive.
Throne of Destiny 
10:31am 24/06/2005
  So... anyone here playing the open beta?

June 22 to some time in early July.

I downloaded & installed the expansion beta, logged in and created a character. I don't have more than an hour of playing time into it yet, but so far it looks very promising.

One nice feature - you can purchase level upgrades because they want folks to be able to test the higher level content.

Features of the expansion:

* Level cap raised from 126 to 275

* New landmass

* New heritage group

* Updated graphics

* New content

* $30 price tag :-)
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Level 150 grief mage CHEAP $80 !!! 
01:50pm 09/10/2004

I am selling a level 150 grief mage on the server Wintersebb. Account is full of armor, tinked weapons/wands/ quest items, plats, etc....

I am selling because I do not have the time to play anymore. This is a very nice high level account with a good reputation, he is currently rank 8 and in an XP chain.

I am looking to get rid of this account ASAP because I am poor and need the money. I will make a 12 hour auction with a RESERVE OF ONLY $80, once someone offers that the 12 hour countdown starts.

Email kjb421@hotmail.com for treestats pics of his skills and with questions/comments.

-Good luck and thanks
12:11am 05/08/2004
  Does anyone know where to get a full archive of lore, texts and monthly update info for AC1, right from the beginning? Feeling a wee bit nostalgic, feel like reading through it again.  
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12:58pm 28/07/2004
  Has anyone heard anything about Turbine's policies on 3rd party applications for future games?  
08:42pm 23/07/2004
  Hello there, first time poster. I used to play and quit right before the expansion was released. I've sort of moved away from MMORPGs for a wile, tried that Starwars game for about a month and didn't like it. I want to give AC another shot but I have some questions before I want to get started.

First off is the game still alive and fun? Is it still being updated monthly? Asheron got his people back?

I heard that AC2 sucked. Who's playing what more? Should I stick with AC1 or give 2 a try?

I've noticed now you can buy the client and CD key online for like $15. I still have my copy of AC1. I haven't figure out how to link my .NET account to my old Zone.com account, so I'm wondering if my old key still works and I could just restart my old account, or my old account is long gone and I need to buy a new key.

What's new in the expansion?

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Sad News 
01:48am 03/07/2004
  I know many of the people here in the AC community don't play on DT, however I do and would like to share some sad news with the "AC Family".
I play on House of Sagacious on DT, yesterday we lost one of our oldest members in the guild to a drunk driver. Please keep your thoughts with Pandora's Box's (jon) and his family in this difficult time.

Mystic Toker
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So I finally decided to search for others with AC as an interest 
08:48am 15/06/2004

Here I am. Former 40th level mage (War magic spec, I think, the rest trained... Did that skill test thing, I think the title was Warlock?) on the Morningthaw server - character went by the name of Ipslore the Red, usually seen running around in purple amuli, with one diamond golem dead on the ground and several others giving chase.

Stopped playing about a year ago due to school.
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07:24pm 13/04/2004
mood: artistic
Hi, I just found out about this community. Glad to see AC and particularly FF represented.

Anyone else excited about this fighting for town and land areas that Turbine will be introducing with the expansion? I've really been getting into PK/PKL lately and this has me intrigued.

Also, I can't wait for this April patch with faster buffing... that will make things much better.
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03:04pm 26/03/2004
mood: aggravated
So... umm hi! just kinda found this community whle searching around through LJ. I'm known as Talbona through out the net. Been playing AC for about 2 years now, though there was a rather large break untill my fiancee and I got our own place. My fiancee and I play often together on the Leafcull servers.

Umm... I guess that's about all. just thought I'd stop in and say hello.
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02:00am 14/03/2004
mood: curious
What do you think of all of the changes being made by Turbine? Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent?
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11:34pm 05/01/2004
mood: curious
Just curious:

How many of you are from SC? DT? WE? LC? TD? MT? HG? FF?
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Edmonton Meet 1-12-04 
11:28pm 05/01/2004
  First I would like to thank my wonderful wife who doesn't really support my AC habit but tolerates it for pointing me into the direction of this community, Second I would like to say that there are some people in my monarchy that Live in Edmonton and I am trying to put together a meet, as I won't be in edmonton much longer I will be going back to seattle, Where I will also be puting together a vancouver meet. PLZ post here if you would like to participate in the meet or you can post at www.houseofsagacious.com in the public forum where i have started a thread.
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New member!!!!! 
11:17am 23/12/2003
  HI! i have a lv 101 i think archer on darktide. hes spec bow and melee d, . mele d buffs insanely high, hes trained arcane, healing, item, leader, life, and missle d. gets critter in 4 lvs with unspec of missle d. here are the stats:
bow 317
melee d 356
lore 200
healing 282
item enchant 243
jump 327
leader 168
life magic 260
loyal 168
magic d 195
mana c 201
missle d 231
run 385
UA 275
str 185
end 175
coord 245
quick 245
focus 190
self 160
hp 235
sp 290
mp 275

comes with tinkered all dyed armor, all 300+, i think its amuli legs, celdon bp (400+), and yoroi sleeves. he looks bad ass, has a sweet tink'd AR bow, ar ua, some sort of element rendering bow, 300+ plats, tons of arrows. on the accountis a low lvl fletcher that gets the job done flawlessly, a lv 30ish swordie with gsa and imbued sword, and a lot of notes and random loot. last time i checked he had a cottage with a heap of arrows in it, but i think i lost it by now :(

if any one is interested talk to me on aim , dukesbdr. im willing to sell really cheap, and if i dont, im just gona give it away. at the moment my good friend plays and pays for it but he wont screw it up
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Lvl 100 Mage Account Price?? 
05:16pm 13/12/2003
  Hey, I'm tryin to sell a Lvl 100 Mage Leafcull account on eBay. A couple of people have asked me about a "buy it now" price. What do you guys think is a good price for the account? It's listed here: Item #3065387189 Any advice much appreciated. Thanks guys!  
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Firewall conflict. Wah! 
09:11am 26/11/2003
mood: despair
Heeeellllpp meeeee! I installed an update from Zone Alarm (my software firewall) and from AC (the regular monthly update) and now I can't connect through the firewall. If I take the firewall down, I can connect.

ZA doesn't have the option of opening a specific port by number, not that I can find. I've tried adding a range of IP addresses, I've tried adding the AC domain as a trusted resource, none of it gets me what I want. I really *don't* want to be online without the firewall, it's just nasty out there. Theoretically my router has NAT and some kind of firewall, but ZA says I'm getting hit even with that in place.

Any suggestions?

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09:09am 23/09/2003
mood: sleepy
Anyone got any opinons on this new PKlite thing? Well it's kinda cool, I guess (I think I started somethnig by mentioning a Clan Brawl to everyone.. oops), it's also a bit of a pain! I mean, corpses everywhere means massive lag. That can HURT.

Anyways, just thought I'd see if anyone had an opion.. and maybe actually double check to see if there's life out there in this community..
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Greetings all! 
01:49am 20/09/2003
mood: curious
Hey, I had no idea there was a community for AC folks, but I was proved wrong!

My characters are

Mrs Lickalotapus - Level 96 archer with 3 schools of magic (all but war obviously) and casting all 7's with ease. :)

Mrs Lick - Level 35 Item tinkerer w/ spec'd bow to level fast to get those tinkering skills up!

Mrs Licks Tinkerbell - Level 26 trade mule

and my mule, Mrs Lick's Mule.

I have my stats on TreeStats, and My main's stats are on ACstats.com

Feel free to say hi, if you see me in game. Since PKLite I'm on A LOT more often. :)
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05:42pm 03/08/2003
  Anyone have a friend that's interested in sinking some $$$ into a Leafcull account? Lvl 142, UA. Can take down pretty much anything unless it's one of the few creatures that are designed to be near impossible for a melee to kill.  
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09:09am 28/07/2003
mood: amused
This is sooo funny! For all you "online gamers" out there.