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New member!!!!!

HI! i have a lv 101 i think archer on darktide. hes spec bow and melee d, . mele d buffs insanely high, hes trained arcane, healing, item, leader, life, and missle d. gets critter in 4 lvs with unspec of missle d. here are the stats:
bow 317
melee d 356
lore 200
healing 282
item enchant 243
jump 327
leader 168
life magic 260
loyal 168
magic d 195
mana c 201
missle d 231
run 385
UA 275
str 185
end 175
coord 245
quick 245
focus 190
self 160
hp 235
sp 290
mp 275

comes with tinkered all dyed armor, all 300+, i think its amuli legs, celdon bp (400+), and yoroi sleeves. he looks bad ass, has a sweet tink'd AR bow, ar ua, some sort of element rendering bow, 300+ plats, tons of arrows. on the accountis a low lvl fletcher that gets the job done flawlessly, a lv 30ish swordie with gsa and imbued sword, and a lot of notes and random loot. last time i checked he had a cottage with a heap of arrows in it, but i think i lost it by now :(

if any one is interested talk to me on aim , dukesbdr. im willing to sell really cheap, and if i dont, im just gona give it away. at the moment my good friend plays and pays for it but he wont screw it up
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