klonopin kid (redninja636) wrote in asheronscall,
klonopin kid

Level 150 grief mage CHEAP $80 !!!


I am selling a level 150 grief mage on the server Wintersebb. Account is full of armor, tinked weapons/wands/ quest items, plats, etc....

I am selling because I do not have the time to play anymore. This is a very nice high level account with a good reputation, he is currently rank 8 and in an XP chain.

I am looking to get rid of this account ASAP because I am poor and need the money. I will make a 12 hour auction with a RESERVE OF ONLY $80, once someone offers that the 12 hour countdown starts.

Email kjb421@hotmail.com for treestats pics of his skills and with questions/comments.

-Good luck and thanks
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